"Santa Knows" a new book by Cynthia and Greg Leitich Smith

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Horn Book Knows

The Horn Book Magazine lists SANTA KNOWS among its "Holiday High Notes." Praise includes "neatly structured" and readers are encouraged to "check out Alfie's anti-Santa PJs."

Kirkus Reviews Knows

"Kids will be drawn to Bjorkman's loose watercolor-and-ink illustrations...Alfie F. Snorklepuss is a newly minted winner."

Publishers Weekly knows

...and cheers Cynthia's and Greg's language as "boisterous," Steve's illustrations as "energetic," and our hero Alfie's come-uppance as "fantastic.

The Miami Herald Knows

The Herald highlights SANTA KNOWS among "Worthy Stories for the Holidays."

Three Silly Chicks Knows

"The authors expertly create a fun tale that explores Santa's world… Bjorkman's animated watercolor perfectly captures Alfie's range of emotions…" "…a holly jolly read for the holidays." Read the whole review.

PlanetEsme Knows

"Cynthia and Greg Leitich Smith show that they can ho-ho-ho with the best of them, and that their fine novels and expertise about children's literature, widely celebrated throughout the literary community, are just two facets of their gemlike talents. When it comes to holiday books, this is definitely one to include on your 'nice' list." Read the whole review.

Parent:Wise Austin Knows

"Even kids as old as nine or ten will enjoy the delightful illustrations, particularly the humbug patterns on Alfie's pajamas, and will chuckle at Alife's meticulous research. If your kids are starting to question Santa Claus, read this book together. …a story that will turn even the grumpiest Scrooge into a true believer!"

Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast Knows

"…a festive and fun read with Björkman’s buoyant cartoon watercolor-and-ink illustrations. This one would make a rousing read-aloud to the elementary-aged children at which it’s aimed." Read the whole review.

Children's Literature Comprehensive Database Knows

"Little sisters will cheer. The Christmas message--that there are some things we should believe even if we cannot logically explain them--comes through in a wonderful, playful way."

Through the Looking Glass Knows

"A funny story with expressive and lively illustrations makes this a perfect just-before-Christmas title." Read the whole review.

Toni Buzzeo's Children's Book Reviews Knows

"Smith and Smith capture an electronic, media-driven age with subtlety and prove that Scrooge can growl and grasp and be redeemed even in the twenty-first century! Bjorkman adds to the fun with his loose cartoon style and expressive faces. If you're in the market for a postmodern Christmas tale for your science nerds and media kids, this one's a winner!" Read the whole review.

Book Moot Knows

"Steve Björkman's illustrations tell the story with humor. Alfie's pajamas are hilarious. ...a sweet tale for families with young (and older) children who want to believe." Read the whole review.

Wee Ones Knows

Wee Ones magazine praises SANTA KNOWS for the "bright illustrations," "comical and expressive faces," and calls it a "sweet story."

MyShelf.com Knows

SANTA KNOWS is a "cute takeoff on the Grinch story," according to Nancy Williams at MyShelf.com. She adds, "With great color illustrations by Steve Bjorkman, your children will love this story." Read the whole review.

Armchair Interviews Knows

"Little ones will love this one. The book is delightful, adorable, entertaining...everything you could want in a children's book about Santa." Read the whole review.

Young Adult (& Kids) Books Central Knows

"…a must-have for your Christmas collection!" Read the whole review.